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TALENT: Pump and Dump

Talent: Pump and Dump

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  • Since 2012, Shayna Ferm, comedian and mother of a two and a half and a four year old, and her coach, MC Doula, mom to a four year old, have been hosting a raucous evening of comedy, inappropriate music, prizes, drinking, swearing and commiseration in Denver, Colorado. The show, referred to by Denver’s Westword as “sweet salvation,” is designed to laugh away a kid-filled day while making blatant fun of your children – who are not invited. Audience participation (with prizes!) includes “Never Have I Ever – Parents Edition,” and a cathartic review of the most “F-ed up Thing Your Kids Did This Week”.

    All the original music in the show is written and performed by veteran comedian/musician Shayna Ferm. Songs like “Eat Your Fucking Food,” “Tight” and “When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad” have earned Shayna the title “Mommy DiFranco,” given to her by mommy fans, which she and MC Doula find hilarious and ridiculous.

    Other show highlights include the much anticipated monthly installment of the “Sad Cake” slideshow, a game with real live OBGYNs called “Stump the Gyno” and of course a top-rated stand-up or performance act sure to make you cry with laughter.

    This monthly, mother-created show is designed to let breeders throw a few back, have some laughs, and remind themselves who they once were.

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