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TALENT: Sam Adams: Press Pass

Talent: Sam Adams: Press Pass

Sam Adams puts the ‘media’ in comedian! With a unique, entertaining performance of his two professional careers called Press Pass — a clean, sports-based comedy show fit for audiences of all ages.

As a sports journalist, Sam has covered many of the world’s most acclaimed sporting events. From Super Bowls to the Olympics. The Colorado Association of Black Journalists named Sam Print Journalist of the Year in 2003. In 2019 Sam was inducted to the prestigious Denver Press Club’s Hall of Fame.

Sam’s impressive performances at the 2009 Great American Comedy Festival, coupled with his newspaper employer’s closure earlier that year, provided an impetus for him to start a comedy career at age 49.

In Press Pass, Sam performs comedy AND sports in his storytelling. He nearly cost Tiger Woods a tournament victory. He encountered Michael Jordan while caddying for Charles Barkley. He has exchanged basketball shots with John Elway. Taken a phone call from Paul Newman. He was slapped by a future President of the United States..! Just a few of the name-dropping, comical sports stories Sam tells in Press Pass.

Elway wrote the following tribute for Sam’s book titled, If You Don’t Believe Me: Lessons Learned From Listening to the Greats; “Through the ups and downs of an NFL career, I developed great trust, respect and appreciation for Sam. Blending an uncanny ability to mix humor with keen insight and knowledge, Sam is a one-of-a kind storyteller.”

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